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Toon Blast: Enjoy The Wacky Puzzle Game on PC

Would you like to enter a fun and crazy puzzle adventure? Enter the wild and zany world of magic and cartoons. Join Cooper Cat, Bruno Bear, Wally Wolf, and the rest of the gang, and solve the puzzles along the way.  Discover the wild adventure in this ultimate puzzle game. Have a fun and zany good time in the Toon Blast game.

From the makers of the equally fun and addictive Toy Blast comes another highly entertaining game. Toon Blast is one of the funniest cartoon puzzle adventure game ever. Take on the challenges and watch as hilarity ensues as you pursue the adventures in this crazy cartoon world. Also, enjoy loads of wackiness and absurdity as you and the rest of the crazy cartoon gang solves puzzles and travel the magical worlds. Blast cubes without a care and create powerful combos to push through the levels.

Have a blast! Have a zany and cartoony fun adventure in the wildest puzzle game ever. Check out the crazy antics and wild challenges in Toon Blast. This awesome game has more than 50 new levels; each one presenting a new difficult challenge. So grab your instrument of choice and get on a zany journey through the wild cartoony world. Join the maestro frogs and tune up to the rhythm of the music for a soundcheck. You can unlock new challenging levels and episodes. More are coming your way as updates are continuously ongoing.  Enjoy the fun challenges in Toon Blast.


Travel Through Magical Worlds

If you are looking for the funniest cartoon puzzle game, you will love the Toon Blast game. It features a unique gameplay, zany adventures and endless fun. In this fun-filled, fast-paced game, you join the crazy bunch of cartoon characters as they blast cubes and solve puzzles to go through the next levels.

Together with the gang, you will have to figure out the challenges as you travel around the different worlds filled with magic. And if you find the puzzles difficult, simply create powerful combos to help you go through these challenges.

Are you up for a wild and crazy puzzle adventure that will blow your mind? Check into the magical worlds in this awesome game that features unique gameplay, wonderful graphics, and endless fun. Get into the zany challenges in Toon Blast.


How to Play Toon Blast?

Your objective in each round is to clear the blocks on the playing board. To do this, you need to line up blocks of the same color, matching and grouping them altogether. When that happens, these blocks are cleared off the board.

In certain levels, you may be asked to eliminate a certain number of red and purple blocks. In other rounds, you may need to focus on clearing as many blocks as may be necessary to let the balloons sink to the bottom of the playing board. To help you clear these blocks, you can use rockets, bombs, disco balls, and boosters. These tools can quickly clear the blocks in large areas, accelerating the process so you can move on to the next level.


What to Expect in Toon Blast Game

Are you a parent or babysitter who wants to keep the kids preoccupied? Or do you want a game to pass the time? Then you will love this one. It will help keep your sanity intact in either of both cases. Check out all the puzzle adventures in this highly engaging and addictive game. You will definitely enjoy Toon Blast online. New from Peak Games, Toon Blast is a remarkable game that features exciting puzzles and crazy adventures through the magical worlds in the cartoon universe.

Set in an exuberant zany cartoon realm, this awesome game features wildly popular and straightforward gameplay. It also has the cuddliest visuals and splendid sound. Join the cutest friendly animals as you embark on a wild adventure through multiple worlds. You will share the company of a friendly bear, a cat that is as cool as a cucumber, and a wolf that looks so cuddly you just want to wrap your arms around it.

If you want a game for kids or just looking to have a fun puzzle to play with, then this one is perfect for you. Take on the wild and zany cartoon puzzle adventures in Toon Blast.


Toon Blast Online Free-to-Play

Did you know this awesome game is available for both iOS and Android devices? It is a free-to-play game that offers fun for hours. In addition, you can play this game without interruption. The game will not force you to watch ads in between levels.

When you reach level 20, you can join a team. Here, you can talk to the other players through the game’s chat system. You can, however, disable this chat feature.

Game Features

  • Fun to play, easy to learn, but challenging to master.
  • It lets you create your team and receive lives from them.
  • You can collect stars to earn awesome rewards.
  • It lets you sync your game between devices.
  • Levels present unique challenges and entertaining obstacles.

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Check out these game screenshots.

Toon Blast Screenshot
Toon Blast Screenshot

Toon Blast: Enjoy The Wacky Puzzle Game on PC