How to Play Toon Blast: Fun Features & PC Gameplay

The premise of this level-based puzzle game is simple. In Toon Blast, you need to complete the cube puzzle challenges to pass through the levels. Now, that may sound easy, but the devil lies in the details. So give yourself an edge and glance at these simple instructions on how to play the game.

As the name implies, you’ll be blasting cubes to clear the levels. To do that, you will tap two or more cubes with the same colors to blaze them away. Victory is achieved when you clear enough cubes. You can also combine certain cubes to create special items. These items may include powerful bombs, rockets, and disco balls. You can use them to clear the cubes fast as it deals greater blast damage. Having a few of these around can ease up your progress.

But it doesn’t stop there! You can also combine these special items to create more powerful ones. This opens up the possibility to create bigger blasts, awesome combos, and faster level progression. However, you must use them sparingly because you only get a limited amount for each level. So think ahead and plan carefully before making your move. If you think you got everything figured out, blast your way and make a hole through these cubes. Create shockwaves with those powerful items in Toon Blast.


Special Items Available In Toon Blast

You might be wondering what those powerful items are. Don’t worry because we listed them down here for you. Blast your way through endless waves of cubes with these in your arsenal:



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Disco Ball – This glowing ball takes on the color of the cubes that created it. This powerful item blasts away cubes that bear its same color. To make the disco ball, you’ll need nine or more blocks.

Rocket – You can’t have a blast if you don’t have a rocket on your hands. This neat device destroys the cube you point it to. It’s easier to create the rocket item as opposed to the disco ball because you only need five blocks to make it.

Anvil – These items have always been a staple in cartoon comedy, so it’s only natural that we have this in the game. The anvil is a mild booster that you can drop vertically to decimate cubes on its path.

Punching Glove – If you like to box, then put on these gloves to punch your way through the cubes. This item can knock out cubes horizontally.

These are just the basic items you can make in the game. You can combine one or two of these to create more devastating ones. For example, you can combine a disco ball and a rocket to create a Super Rocket. Try to mix and match the items and see what pops up. You might be in for a surprise.


Playing The Cartoon Puzzle Game on PC

Toon Blast is a fun puzzle-adventure game that was released on the mobile market, but it doesn’t mean you can’t enjoy it on PC. Download our version of the game and get access to enhanced graphics, and fully customizable controls! Just hit that “Play For Free” button, click the downloaded program file, and follow the instructions!

Once you’re in, you can press the F1 key to move from unresponsive touch controls to the trusty keyboard and mouse! You really can’t enjoy cartoons unless you play it on the big screen! So treat yourself to a blast and play on PC now!