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Toon Blast: Beginner Tips & Tricks

Did you know Toon Blast is a nominee for the 2018 Google Play Fan Favorite Game award? The other contenders for the award included PUBG Mobile, Clash Royale, Final Fantasy XV, and Pokemon GO. Talk about tough competition.

In its own right, Toon Blast is a mobile game phenomenon. It started as an easy-breezy color matching game, then turned into a unique wacky adventure that gets tougher as you progress. So to help you in keeping up with the challenges, here are some neat tips and tricks you can use:


Start At The Bottom & Watch Out For Big Combos

Check out the bunch of blocks littered at the bottom of the board. While it may be tempting to tap on the first potential match you see, focus on the bottom. Clear the available matches that you see at the base as this will create opportunities. The cubes will fall into the new positions at the foot of the screen.



Source: YouTube


Moreover, you can rack up more points when you hit big combos. It helps to have powerful boosters like bombs, rockets, and disco balls around. They can clear out the troublesome cubes and obstacles with ease.


Create Powerful Boosters For Maximum Cube Damage

Boosters are handy to have around. You can create big matches when you hit cubes with these powerful items. Just keep in mind these quick tips on how to make them. Five cubes make a rocket, seven cubes can build a bomb, and nine cubes form a disco ball.

But wait, there’s still more boosters available for you to use. Check out the boxing glove that can remove a row of cubes. The Anvil can take out everything in a column. Or the hammer, which removes any obstacle in the way!


Pop Balloons, Bubbles & Collect Ducks

Toon Blast offers a variety of goals to complete. Accomplishing these goals have some very neat surprises for players. So pop those bubbles and balloons by matching cubes beside them. You can also take them out with boosters. You can also collect rubber duckies– which you can do by bringing them to the bottom of the board.


Working Your Way Around Light Bulbs & Crates

These two items are some of the toughest obstacles to remove off the board. To turn on light bulbs, you need to match cubes of the same color beside them. Then you need to do it again to finally remove them.

As for the crates, focus on eliminating one row at a time, and from the outer edges. Then work your way to the innermost part of the row. You can also get the job done using rockets.

So here are a few tips and tricks as you begin your wacky Toon Blast adventure. You can double down on your crazy cartoon puzzle journey by playing the game on PC! It’s completely free!