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Toon Blast: The Ultimate Level Progression Guide

Are you wondering why Toon Blast is pulling people in– causing massive waves in the puzzle genre? This blockbuster game is quite addictive, and it’s also equally challenging. You get a variety of tools to finish the job; from rockets to disco balls. However, even with powerful weapons on the palm of your hands, it’s still tough to get through higher levels.

Do you want to blast through the levels with ease, and grab all the wins you possibly can? Check out these tricks that we gathered to help you clear the obstacles, match cubes, and win!


Get Your Hands On Some Neat Chests

You might want to stock up on those boosters, and coins. These will come handy when you reach the later stages in the game. But if you want to stash away these special items without spending real cash, get those chests.

You get a chance to unlock one chest every 10 levels you complete. But there’s another type of chest that you can unlock faster— the Star Chest. You can unlock it after every 20 stars you get. A maximum of three Star Chests is available at each level once you reach 50,000 points.



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If you want to earn as many stars as possible, leave yourself more extra moves at every level. Any leftover move you have after completing a level transforms a block into a rocket. You can earn 2,000 points too.


Tap Your Friends For More Lives

What makes Toon Blast great is the community behind it. The game enjoys a huge following, and you can see it in the number of people playing it. You can join your fellow Toon Blast fans by joining a team.

These teams are pretty casual. You can chat with other players to ask for advice and help. One of the common requests among team members is getting extra lives.

Giving another player an extra life will not cost you anything; not even one of your own lives. In fact, giving friends extra lives can also net you some shiny coins. Plus, you get a new friend– who might also give you an extra life in return. It’s a win-win situation, don’t you think?

If you’re running out of lives and you need an extra one, just reach out to your teammates. Each player can give a maximum of five lives for a certain number of hours. With an extra life, you or any recipient can play the wacky challenges longer.

So there you have it! Those are just some simple tips that will allow you to blast your way to the top. If you want to reach greater heights in your Toon Blast experience, you can always download the game’s PC version for free! Just click the “Play For Free” button, and you’ll be blowing away cubes in no time!